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Sep 22 Fontana Driving School
Nov 17-19 Buttonwillow Driving School

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Driving School Information

Audi Club SoCal Driving Schools

Visit our Events page on this site, or our registration page at motorsportreg.com/orgs/audi-club/southern-california for specific information about the event you are interested in attending.

Driving School Requirements

Your car, your personal safety gear, and your own health must meet minimum safety standards. Read this required document for important event requirements and required forms.

Driving School Detailed Requirements (pdf)

Pre-Event Technical Inspection

Your car and your personal safety gear must meet technical and safety standards before being brought to the track. This is a list of minimum requirements and some recommendations; you may determine there are additional items needing inspection to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Have this form completed within30 days of the event, and don’t forget to bring it with you, as it is needed when you check-in at the event.

Audi Club Tech Inspection Form (pdf) (for our weekend schools)

Hooked on Driving Forms (for our one-day schools)

IMPORTANT: There will be NO Technical Inspection at the event – the inspection form MUST be completed in advance and brought with you to the event.

Audi Club Medical Information Form

The ACNA Medical information form is no longer required at registration for our driving school events. However, we highly recommend that you carry emergency medical information on your person when at a driving event, whether the ACNA form or another ICE product of your choosing.

Audi Club Medical Information Form (pdf) 

(ICE = In Case of Emergency)

First-Timer Advice

We want to make sure your first driving school with Audi Club SoCal is an excellent experience. Read our first-timer advice for the school-type you are attending.

First-Timer Overview - Weekend Event (pdf)

First-Timer Overview - One-Day Event (pdf)

On-line Training

We highly recommend the Speed Secrets Performance Driving 101 online course to prepare you for your day of driving on a race track.

All drivers registered for our events will receive a 1/2-off discount code.

If this is your very first time driving on a race track, the course is required and the course fee is included free with your registration.

Speed Secrets Online Training

Driving Evaluations & Logbook

Audi Club SoCal uses the online evaluation and logbook system at DrivingEvals.com. Here are links to helpful documents:

DrivingEvals Student Guide (pdf)

Convertibles and SUV/CUVs

NEW! We are excited to announce that Audi Club North America policy was updated in June, 2017. Many modern convertible cars and certain small sport utility vehicles / cross-over utility vehicles (SUV/CUV) are now allowed at our high performance driver education schools.

Note that we are initially restricting SUVs and CUVs to the A-Beginner and B-Novice run groups until we get more experience and feedback from our instructors on how these vehicles perform and mesh with our driving schools.

Here are the highlights:

  • Only small SUV/CUV which are on the Audi Club approved list.
  • No track tires on SUV/CUV.
  • Open cars (convertibles with top down, etc.) MUST provide eye-protection and arm restraints for both the driver and instructor-passenger. This is the student's responsibility.

Read the important details in this document if you would like to drive one of these vehicles at an Audi Club SoCal driving school.

Convertibles and SUVs at ACNA Driving Events (pdf)
For convertibles at our one-day schools, the HOD policy applies, and most SUVs are permitted:

Convertibles at joint ACNA/HOD events (pdf)

Selecting a Run Group

Audi Club SoCal's one-day driver schools are held at Auto Club Speedway in partnership with Hooked on Driving. Step 2 of registration (where you pay HOD for the track-day) differs from our Club's exclusive events in that each driver chooses their own run group. To help you decide on an appropriate group, here are HOD's descriptions of their run groups, along with a brief comparison with the familiar Audi Club run groups.
Selecting a Run Group at Audi-HOD One-Day Events (pdf)

Questions? email us at: socalaudi@audiclubsocal.org

We look forward to seeing you at the track!


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