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November 16-19

Buttonwillow High Performance Driving School

Visit our Event Page for details. When registration is open you may find event details at motorsportreg.com/orgs/audi-club/southern-california


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Driving School Information

Audi Club SoCal Driving Schools

See our event schedule on the Events page on this website

When registration is open for an event, it will appear on the Audi Club SoCal home page on MotorsportsReg.com: motorsportreg.com/orgs/audi-club/southern-california.

The following generic documents apply to all of our driving schools:

First Timer Overview

First-Timer Overview (pdf)

Driving School Requirements

Everyone should read and understand the important event requirements in this document.
Driving School Detailed Requirements (pdf)

Pre-Event Technical Inspection

Everyone's car and personal safety gear must meet certain safety standards before bringing it to the track. This MANDATORY form has a list of MINIMUM requirements and some recommendations. You may determine there are additional items needing inspection on your car and gear to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Inspect your car within 30 day of the event, and bring this completed form with you to onsite event check-in.
Audi Club Tech Inspection Form

IMPORTANT: There will be NO Technical Inspection at the event – the inspection form MUST be completed in advance and brought with you to the event. Cars with obvious safety deficiencies will not be allowed to participate in the driving school.

In Case of Emergency Info (Medical & Contact Info)

The ACNA Medical information form is no longer required at our driving school events.
Audi Club recommends that each participant carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) medical and emergency contact information on your person when at a driving event. You may use the previous ACNA form, or one of the many free or subscription ICE products available. Here are just a couple to get you started:

Motorsport Safety Foundation ICE products (keeps your medical information confidential through use of a personal code; your purchase supports the MSF safety programs) 
GetIceCard.com (free fill-and-print ICE wallet card; medical and contact info immediately available without need to call or text a code)

Audi Club Medical Information Form no longer required but still useful (pdf)

Driving Evaluations & Logbook

Audi Club SoCal uses the online evaluation and logbook system at DrivingEvals.com.
DrivingEvals Student Guide (pdf)

Convertibles and SUV/CUVs

NEW! Audi Club North America official policy (Sect 2.13 & Appendix D) was updated in June, 2017. Many modern convertible cars and certain small sport utility vehicles / cross-over utility vehicles (SUV/CUV) are now allowed at our high performance driver education schools.

Here are the highlights:

  • Only small SUV/CUVs which are on the Audi Club approved list.
  • No track tires on SUV/CUVs.
  • Open cars (convertibles with top down, etc.) MUST provide eye-protection and arm restraints for both the driver and instructor-passenger. Providing both is the student's responsibility.

Please Read this summary document if you are considering driving one of these vehicles at an Audi Club SoCal driving school.
Convertibles and SUVs at ACNA Driving Events (pdf)

Our Venues
We hold Driving Schools at the following Southern California race tracks. These pages have some information specific to each venue.
Buttonwillow          Spring Mountain

Motorsport Safety Foundation

Audi Club SoCal is proud of its affiliation with the Motorsport Safety Foundation. Our club's internal instructor training program is MSF Level II certified.
If you are interested in attending a Level II clinic but are not an Audi Club SoCal member, visit www.motorsport-safety.org/certified to find a commercial provider of the MSF Level II instructor training program near you.

Questions? email us at: socalaudi@audiclubsocal.org

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Differences documents for our 1-day schools, held in partnership with Hooked on Driving at Auto Club Speedway, are archived here.


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