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Raffle 2016

Audi Club SoCal Driving School - Buttonwillow, California

Our annual Fall Audi Club SoCal Driving School is held at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, California (near Bakersfield).

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Buttonwillow 2017

Welcome Letter - 2017 (updated 11/8/2017)

Large Track Map with Passing Zones (Weekend Configuration #1 with Star Mazda)

Large Track Map with Passing Zones (Friday Configuration #13 with Sweeper)

Buttonwillow Paddock Map with Parking Areas

Buttonwillow Facility Map with Sponsors

Buttonwillow Track Guides

Audi Club Student Line (Individual Aerial Photos)

PCA-GGR Track Guide - CW (by PCA Golden Gate Region, edited to use present-day corner names)

PCA-GGR Track Guide - CCW (by PCA Golden Gate Region, edited to use present-day corner names)

http://trackpedia.winhpde.com/wiki/Turn_by_turn_guide_to_the_Buttonwillow_Raceway_Park_track (Turn-by-Turn Guide to configuration #13 Sweeper clockwise)

Source documents for the PCA-GGR Buttonwillow Track Guides (note that several turn names are obsolete, includes both popular layouts, #1 Star Mazda and #13 Sweeper):

Buttonwillow Videos


Instructional Video, Star Mazda (configuration #1 CW):

Time Trial Video, Fast Lap with Billy Johnson: Buttonwillow (configuration #13 CW):


Race Video, Corvette, Sweeper (configuration #13 CCW):

Race Video, Spec Miata, Sweeper (configuration #13 CCW):


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