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November 16-19

Buttonwillow High Performance Driving School

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Raffle 2016

Audi Club SoCal Driving School - Buttonwillow, California

Our annual Fall Audi Club SoCal Driving School is held at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, California (near Bakersfield).

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Buttonwillow Driving School

Large Track Map with Passing Zones (Star Mazda)

Buttonwillow Paddock Map with Parking Areas

Buttonwillow Facility Map with Sponsors

Buttonwillow Track Guides

Audi Club Student Line (Individual Aerial Photos)

PCA-GGR Track Guide - CW (by PCA Golden Gate Region, edited to use present-day corner names)

PCA-GGR Track Guide - CCW (by PCA Golden Gate Region, edited to use present-day corner names)

http://trackpedia.winhpde.com/wiki/Turn_by_turn_guide_to_the_Buttonwillow_Raceway_Park_track (Turn-by-Turn Guide to configuration #13 Sweeper clockwise)

Source documents for the PCA-GGR Buttonwillow Track Guides (note that several turn names are obsolete, includes both popular layouts, #1 Star Mazda and #13 Sweeper):

Instructional Video, Star Mazda (configuration #1 CW):

Last year's Welcome Letter 2017 (updated 11/8/2017)

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