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Raffle 2016

Does anyone know of a reputable OEM parts distributor?  

Recently I ordered a set of headlights and a headlight switch online from two different companies, neither of which actually WORKED with my car.  I realize the cabriolet parts are somehow different than regular A4 quattro parts, but I made SURE to let them know everything about the car (including the engine size) ahead of time.  Still, no worky.

I sweet talked the service guy into telling me that HE uses a place in Temecula that is a good/reliable source for VW/Audi OEM parts:  www.parts4audis.com, but they still didn't have headlight assemblies or the switches I was looking for.

Maybe we could get a list of websites going?

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You might also post this (or search) on audizine.com or quattroworld.com.


I have purchased quite a few parts from Sunset Audi (AudiUSAParts.com) in Oregon with excellent results. Call Romney at (877) 601-3061 and he will take good care of you.

However, if you are having trouble with fitment, I'd suggest you try to forge a closer relationship with your local Audi Dealer's parts deparment. Most dealership parts managers want to earn your parts business. With a little urging many will meet, or at least approach, internet pricing. The advantage is direct knowledge of your Audi, personal service, quick delivery from the local parts depot (Ontario), no shipping charges, and easy returns.

I've had great service from John Atwood and his crew at Penske Audi in West Covina. John has been willing to work with me to be competitve on price. If they are convenient to you, I'd suggest you give them a try. (626) 384-3447

Someone's already beat you to the list...


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