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Raffle 2016

looking into buying used 2014 or 2015 A8 3.0 or 4.0 Base or L model

I've been a owner of Lexus autos for the past 17 years Lexus makes a extremely dependable car, but I'm tired of their boring styling.  I've admired the appearance of the Audi A8 Models and I'm zeroing in on either the 2014 or 2015 model years as they've depreciated in price to an affordable range.

I realize that people in a Car Club for Audi's must love Audi's so I don't expect to have much luck getting negative news/views, but possibly one or more of you will give me some advice to what to look for in the available used car market.  I don't like diesels!  I thinking either the V6 3.0 or the 4.0 with all the safety options... as my wife is a terrible driver.  We are Seniors and this will be our last family car; I'm keeping the 2013 Lexus ES350 for around town driving as its really a great car and we only have 11,000 miles on it.  When I bought the ES350 I drove one loaded with all the options, and tested out the special equipment.  The option that is supposed to keep you from running into something in front of you didn't work in 3 out of 4 try's and the option that is supposed warn you from going into the next lane didn't react until the car was 30 percent in that other lane, to me that's too late!  I ordered the car without those 2 options.  I'm thinking some of the Audi owners reading this Post might advise me about the Audi what equipment to look for and what equipment not to bother with. 

I've read/heard the Audi A8 rides harder and noisier than the Lexus... I was thinking about replacing the tires with some Michelin's as they ride quiet and smooth.  Also I'll me wanting an Independent Repair Shop possibly in Orange Country, CA. anybody have on to recommend?

Please share your knowledge regarding the Audi A8 [2014-2015] with me.

Thank You,

Neal Hull

Laguna Niguel, CA.

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I can highly recommend the '15 A8L. I bought one last year. My wife and I love it; our only reservation is size (207" long), requiring that I park it at an angle in our garage to make it fit. Ours is a 3.0 liter supercharged V-6–fantastic power, with excellent economy (31.5 mpg on a 7150 mile trip last year loaded with 4 people and full trunk of luggage. We love the heads-up display option that shows speed, cruise control setting, and GPS on the windshield. Also the heated, cooled, and massage front seats. It has an incredible number of electronically-controlled settings, including ride, handling, in-car wifi hotspot (with subscription), bluetooth, voice access, interior lighting, on & on…. I like the real-time mpg readout (average and instantaneous concurrently), the trip info displays, HD radio with multiple channels for most stations (PBS has both a news channel & a music channel in San Diego, only on HD), all controlled from the steering wheel. It has great LED headlights with turn illumination. Re: your ride comment: my car has 20" wheels with low 40-profile tires, so it sacrifices a little on ride, and requires (I think) Pirelli Nero tires, but it is still extremely comfortable and quiet riding with a reasonable 40K mile tire wear rating. I don't have the cruise control with distance control and automatic braking, but I wish I did. I think there's also an infrared sensing system that picks up pedestrians or animals at night before they are in the range of the headlights, warning you in the dash (& HUD?), which I consider a very desirable option. I could go on & on…. I recommend buying a Certified Preowned from a dealer, giving a a 6 year warranty from date of first registration.

Bela Feher

Thank you Bela for sharing your opinion and experience with your Audi A8L.  After approximately 60 hours [honest] of research that included test driving 3 Audi A8 [2L and 1 regular] model years 2014 & 2015, Mercedees S550 2014 and a couple Lexus LS 460 2013 & 2014,  I purchased a Audi A8L 2015 with 13,500 miles on it through BEEPI {I recommend them completely}.  The car I bought is almost showroom new and loaded with nearly all the safety equipment offered [missing the self-parking].  When new this car sold for over $98,000 and I paid less than $58,000 including CA. registration fees.  For some reason deprecation is high on this model, but that worked to my advantage as it was my choice to buy a second owner auto.  I really couldn't be more happy... its truly special and almost daily when I'm out driving it someone complements me on what a beautiful car I have.  All the safety equipment works as advertised unlike other cars that have yet to perfect theirs.  I read this week in our newspaper that Consumers Reports Magazine rated Audi Cars number 1 in customer satisfaction [ahead of Mercedes, BMW and Lexus].

I'm hoping to find a local Audi Club in Orange County, CA.  In my opinion people having good taste and intelligence would most likely chose to drive Audi cars and would be interesting people to hang with.

I'm happy to hear that you found one for yourself. It sounds like you got a very good deal. The one downside I should have shared is that I find the service extremely costly (on my A3 TDI only so far–$145 to $195 for an oil change). Even battery replacement is many hundreds. However, the driving experience is outstanding no matter the weather or the (preferably mountain) roads.

I've also been investigating the clubs. As you have probably discovered, there is a national and various local/regional chapters, including one that I believe is in your area.

Best wishes on continued enjoyment of your vehicle.


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