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Raffle 2016

I just sold my beloved 2001 S4 and bought the 2016 model. After only a day it was abundantly clear that it was designed for someone taller than me. I can't reach the gear shift or the clutch properly without injury. The dealership won't take it back without knocking off 25% of the purchase price (OUCH!). I think I have a solution for reaching the gear shift by getting a custom cushion to raise me up a couple of inches, but I'm struggling with a good solution for the clutch pedal. Does anyone here have experience with these kinds of mods?

Alternatively, would someone like to make me a good offer on a Sepang blue S4 with a manual transmission and all the upgrades?

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How far back do you normally sit? I'm sure that you have tried moving the seat as far forward as possible and also moving the wheel in as far as possible. Not trying to be funny, just asking to be sure.

You might also look at this possible solution. //http://www.pedal-mates.com/


Yes, I've tried adjusting everything that adjusts. I feel like I've spent more time trying to adjust the seat and steering wheel than I've spent driving the car. :(

I found Pedal Mates. I'm just not sure how robust a solution that is. I'd love to hear from someone whose used one.

I worked with a lady once who was very short.  She added a block mounted directly to her clutch pedal.  It made everything OK for her.

I shot my note out before seeing Alex's Pedal Mates suggestion.  Sure seems like it could fit the bill.  Perhaps worth a try rather than losing a beautiful S4!

I doubt the dealership would agree to install one for me. Any recommendations for a trusted, reliable independent Audi mechanic in the San Diego area?

Call Mike Kim at PureMS. 858-566-7873. He has done work on an earlier car of mine and is also a good club supporter.

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