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Raffle 2016

Just took delivery of our new 2016 allroad (A4) quattro. Love the car already.

I have started researching a couple of additions I need to make but I also have a few questions....

1. I am looking for a suitable smaller diameter steel wheel that can be fitted for camping trips/off highway drives and utilize a higher walled all terrain tire.

2. I am considering adding a custom bracket behind the stainless steel skidplate and adding two HID lights for added night/off highway driving lighting. Has anyone added any light bars or other front lighting/grill guard treatments to the 12-16 allroads?

3. any dog guard options besides traval (i think), they say they dont work with sunroof models or 2016 models. Just curious if this is just lack of them getting to 2016 and they actually do fit. The panoramic roof doesnt come anywhere close to the back wall of the back seat so not sure why the standard allroad dog guard wouldn't work. the only other option I found for dog transport/interior (front) protection is transk9usa.com but they want $850 for the dual dog box and they say the price will go up soon and they only have one left in stock at that price. Im. not sure I can justify that value since I do have a spare car for dog transport but without something, it eliminates taking dogs on trips because they would ruin the front compartments.

4. Last, any users out there actually take there allroad on ALL roads? I am interested in exterior upgrades in the "allroad" outdoor activity/style - what i mean is, light bar to go on roof or roof rack, what did you do you? how did you run wires and where is the switch? Or any other upgrades that help with outdoor activities like camping and off highway driving.

Really I just want some modest upgrades for off highway driving and camping but I see VERY little out there on the internet for the B8, either availab.le or actually added to any of them.

Thanks in advance. looking forward to the new audi family, we are first time audi owners. we left a subaru impreza and moved up to the audi allroad. we also drive a mercedes e350 (w211) and two land rovers, one heavily modified for high level difficulty trails and one mildly modified for around town, parts pick ups, dog pickups etc.

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